Saturday, 30 April 2011

Coffee Cream Profiteroles

I've been looking forward to making these. The last time I made shoux pastry was with my mums help and they were for a family party so I'm not sure how much of the cooking I actually did. But they were a lot easier than I though they would be and we got enough out of the mixture for five mini croquembouche. The outside is meant to be covered with spun sugar, as you can see from the picture this didn't quite work out, it ended up as a crunchy caramel instead. I gave it two attempts, the first time the sugar dissolved but then cooled far to quickly in the water bath so it became solid and the second time it wouldn't cool enough. This one is definitely going to need more practise. But we still got the texture and flavour. I also made a warm chocolate sauce on the side, can't have profiteroles without chocolate sauce!!!

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