Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Lorraine makes it pretty clear in this recipe that if you don't get this spot on, then it isn't going to work. It also says that it would make about 60 so I halved everything. The problem with halving is that you get half way through your recipe and forget that your halving. So I had double the amount of some things, not a great start! She's good at describing how things should look at certain stages and it was becoming pretty clear that I wasn't going to pull this one off. It was happily spinning around in the mixture and wasn't becoming stiff at all (no jokes please!)  The ingredients for these little delights are basically sugar in different forms and gelatine. So as it was spinning around and it was becoming more obvious that this wasn't going to work I had to think of something because I hate wasting food when its gone wrong, I've done too much of that in my life. So I bunged a load of icing sugar in, woohoo it worked!!! It went lovely and stiff and shiny and I piped it out onto the icing sugar trays and hey presto. Now, what I also didn't get quite right was the rosewater. A few drops turned into quite a splosh so they were very floral in flavour but some people commented that they quite liked them like that. Even though I had halved the recipe I still ended up with about 60! So goodness knows how many I would have got from the whole thing. We are definitely all marshmallowed out in our house.

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