Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Fig and Mint Tart

The last time I eat a fig I ended up with a raging sore throat for about a week so I wasn't looking forward to this one much. Thankfully my parents are huge fig fans so I took it along for a dish as part of a family lunch. In the book Lorraine says to eat it with a rocket salad, but we were very confused as to whether it should be sweet or savoury. Well, as it turned out everyone chose to have it for dessert. Everything in it is geared towards sweet; honey, figs, cream cheese, cream, mint but the pastry is savoury. As a sweet it wasn't quite sweet enough for me and was a little to sweet for a savoury so we all decided it would make a perfect starter. But whenever you decide to eat it, it's really delicious. On another plus side, I feel like I'm slowly beginning to conquer pastry, as long as I take my time.

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