Friday, 8 April 2011

Tiger Prawns with Foccacia

When i saw the tiger prawns on the television series I was so excited to try them, anything to do with prawns and chilli is always going to be good. So after a huge Mothers day lunch we gave them a try as a light dinner. Well, they are easy to make, but be warned these are sweet. You make a liquer of sugar and whiskey and then bake them in the oven with chilli. But not only were they sweet but really hot, the sauce would be really nice as a sweet dipping sauce. Mark was trying to lap it up with bread and eat it as a broth but even he, who always finishes his plate couldn't get through it. It did get a bit sickly after a while.

The foccacia is one of the last breads I've got left to make. Didn't quite get it right though, as you can see form the picture I didn't really get it flat enough before I let it rise so its a bit big rather than a soft flat bread. It still tasted nice though, you could taste the rosemary through the bread. Its nice to know that I'm around the half way mark, although I feel like I've been going through this book for ages and there is still a long way to go. It makes you realise what a lot of work goes into producing a cook book, there must be so many things that didn't make it into this one. Back to the kitchen!

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