Monday, 11 April 2011


Well these were an experience to make. I wish Mark would have been around to take a photo while I was making them because they were like dealing with silly putty. I did my usual method of mixing everything in the machine and kept waiting for the right consistency but it just wasn't happening so I took it out to knead it by hand. What a mess! The texture is so bizarre, it was literally like pulling silly putty between your hands and then squeezing it together. It's meant to eventually turn to a more dough like consistency so you can shape it into balls, but this just didn't want to work. So as the picture shows, I didn't get it quite right, people who own the book will testify that they didn't really turn out very well. On top of that I burnt them in the oven, even the ducks rejected them so all in all, won't be making them again I don't think. I will just have to hold out and have the real thing in a few weeks.

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