Friday, 1 April 2011

Lemon and Raspberry Tart with poppy seed pastry

It would seem that my pastry problems have returned to haunt me and remind me of the real world. Everything was going so well, but I was being impatient. Once I'd put the pastry in the case and put it in the fridge I just couldn't leave it alone, it had to be done now! Well, I grabbed it out of the fridge and shoved it in the oven, well, I won't do that again. It shrank, I was lucky to get even the 1cm depth of filling in there, it should have been about 4cm deep. Luckily I hadn't made the filling until I got the base out of the oven so I cut the quantities in half, which was more then enough. As a result the pastry was also really tough. The type when you need a knife and fork, but you use the edge of your fork and half of it flies across the room! But I will persevere, there is nothing wrong with shop bought pastry. The filling was nice though!

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