Sunday, 24 June 2012

Shameless, flourless, moist and sticky chocolate cake

Now in the home cooking book, different courses and types of food are split into sections, such as savoury, cakes or desserts. Now this one you'd expect to be in cakes, but it's classed as a dessert and once you taste it you realise why. This is a really moist, rich and scrummy cake. I could easily eat all of this by myself. I treated us by using decent chocolate to make it and it does make such a difference. While I was working through the baking made easy book I tended to keep to cheaper ingredients because it made a big difference to the weekly shop. But with this one, because I'm not getting through it quite so quickly, now I'm back at work I do try and treat myself as much as possible. The great thing about this cake is that it's gluten free, so it's practically heathly!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lemony basil spaghetti with mascarpone, chilli and chives.

This was never going to be a popular dish our house because Mark would spend most of dinner time looking for the meat. He feels it's never quite a proper meal without a decent slab of protein hiding somewhere in there. I don't mind going without as long as the dish can stand up for itself in terms of flavour and filling ability. This was a really tasty dish, it's got chilli in it so really it can't go far wrong. The great thing about it though is just how easy it is to make. That's the wonderful thing about using a cream cheese like mascarpone to make sauces, they cut the preparation time and difficulty in half. So all in all a tasty dish in the time it takes to cook the spaghetti. Lovely.