Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Asian Ham

Well this little fella is causing quite a stir in our house. I'm learning pretty quickly that if you see something on offer that you know your going to need for a future recipe, then buy it. So last week in Sainsbury's big joints of gammon were half price, brilliant! So Saturday night I set to soaking this beast over night. Sunday boiled it for two hours with various flavourings in the water, and finally creating a sticky coating to then stick it in the oven. Well, you might notice on the photo the odd bit of caramelisation! Quite a lot of smoke filled our house when this came out of the oven. But it was completely worth it. Now Mark likes his food and he puts up with quite a lot of new things which he will smile and comment that yes it's nice while I tell him all the things that are wrong with it. But this, I simply can't stop him from talking about it, I've never known him to be so determined to eat every last morsel of something. We have had it as part of our lunches and dinners and because it's so huge it should last us all week. Mark is already planning for us to make it again at the weekend! Perhaps I should introduce him to the recipe and the cooking facilities!  Going through the book I'm not so keen on going back and doing things again until I've finished, apart from a couple of things, like the cookies, and the mac n cheese which we now have regularly.

Going through my lists yesterday I worked out I had 39 dishes to go, out of 105. So the end is slowly coming into view. Most of the things left know are sweets and random savouries with a couple of Souffles. There also seems to be a frightening number of pastry dishes, looks like I'll be getting plenty of practise over the next couple of weeks!

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