Sunday, 17 April 2011

Victoria Sandwich

Underneath all this icing is Lorraine's Victoria Sandwich cake. With Zoe's third birthday coming up I didn't really want to veer away from the book so I used the victoria recipe. All Lorraine's sponges follow the same method of creaming the eggs and sugar and then adding the eggs and the flour. The problem is whenever I add the eggs they start to look like scrambled eggs, Lorraine suggests adding a bit of flour to make it smoother but to me it doesn't really work. I'm used to a sticking it all in the bowl and beating it all together. They were cooked in sandwich tins, but they didn't bake very evenly despite being on the same shelf, so when I sandwiched them together I had to use quite a lot of buttercream to get an even surface for the cake, which I hate having to do. Really I should have started again, but there are not enough hours in the day. I will give this one another go but keep it as a good old Victoria Sandwich cake.  

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