Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mascarpone and Strawberry Swiss Roll

What a lot of trouble I had with this one. Wouldn't think it, I've made swiss roll before, I think I even made it in a school cookery class, but with this, you'd think it was the most difficult thing to make in the whole world. My first attempt didn't rise very much and then I couldn't get it off the backing paper, I ended up shredding it as I pulled. This pud was for a family meal so it had to be made. So I decided to start again, this is all an hour before we have to go (all very Masterchef!). Get everything out, not enough eggs. But I do have a lot of egg whites from all the pastry I've been making so I substitute an egg for two egg whites, it'll be fine. Well, it rose, sort of and I managed to get it off the paper but it went all funny. The cake that was touching the paper had a very strange texture, it was really smooth and smelled like pancakes. But it had to do, so I spread out the mascarpone cream, added the strawberries and rolled. Everyone was very polite about it, but it did just taste like a fancy pancake. I'm sure this isn't a true reflection of what it should have been so I'll have to try this one again. The cream was really yummy though.

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