Saturday, 2 April 2011

Doris Grant Loaf

This is a no need to knead loaf which was developed by Doris Grant during the 1940's who believed that the white loaf was evil and we should all have more fibre in our diets, and she forgot to knead it. She liked it so much that it stayed that way. It did make life a lot easier not having to knead it, well, I don't really knead anything, I have a machine to do it for me. But it saved some time. Stuck it in the airing cupboard and waited for it to rise. We had this with some soup for lunch and with Zoe screaming with hunger clinging to my ankles we grabbed it from the oven probably sooner than we should. We cut it in half and a lot of it came back with the knife. So Zoe had the end piece, she was quite happy and Mark and I made our way through the middle, it was the most stodgy and soggy bread I've ever eaten (my own fault) but the flavour was nice. I think I'll stick to a kneaded loaf though. Not at the top of my list of remakes.

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