Sunday, 1 May 2011

Vanilla Posset with Brandy Snaps

This is quite a sneaky little possett, don't let the vanilla fool you. It also has rosewater and lime which gives it an amazing kick, and they are two flavours which I would never have put together but it was delicious. Even better I made it with greek yogurt so it was almost healthy. For a bit of texture I made the brandy snaps to go with it. The smell of these remind me of my childhood, we seemed to make them quite often, I think because they are so simple, 50g each of golden syrup, sugar, flour and butter along with a pinch of ginger and lemon zest.

I was a bit to eager though to curl them along the handle of a rolling pin and as you can see from the picture below, I really need to develop a bit of patience. It fell apart, but have faith if you make these, do wait a couple of minutes and they will curl really nicely, just don't forget to oil the spoon first!!

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