Friday, 22 April 2011

Passion Fruit and Lime Meringue Pie

From looking at the picture above you'd probably think that everything had gone pretty well. Well I'm afraid it's all a big cover up. I very carefully put the passion fruit through the sieve to get all the juice and pushed through the pulp, then left it to seep while the children were put to bed. Came back and made a start on the rest of the filling, the pie case had already been baked in advance. I've never really used cornflour in cooking and didn't know what it would do but once it was heated with the sugar and lime it thickened really quickly. I was just starting on the meringue when I realised I hadn't put the passion fruit pulp into the mixture, so I quickly mixed it in and it seemed quite thick and I thought the eggs would help once it was baked so crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. It;s pretty safe to say that it didn't really work all that well, as you can see above it looked ok when it was hole. But the picture below gives a better version. All the juice that hadn't been cooked through with the cornflour has leeched out and the filling collapsed. The other thing about the recipe is that you're meant to put half the passion fruit seeds into the filling, which I did. I wouldn't recommend it though, it makes the eating quite hard work, enjoying your pudding and then a sudden crack on a seed. You're teeth are in enough trouble as it is with all the sugar involved!!

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  1. Hi - I love the Baking Made Easy book by Lorraine Pascale and all the recipes are brilliant. Just attempted this and mine looks exactly like yours! Cut into it and I was soon swimming in a lake of passion fruit - which sounds more fun than it is. I checked this recipe out online and it's on there several times with HALF the sugar in the filling - 180g instead of 360g. That would figure as my liquid version is sickly beyond words. Very disappointed as the ingedients were expensive and it is labour intensive - and I was hungry!