Sunday, 3 April 2011

Peppered Beef

I'll be the first to admit that this is not one of the prettiest of dishes I've cooked, but it was definitely one of the tastiest. The recipe says 800g of Beef fillet, so off we toddle to Hawarden farm shop, as the meat just didn't cut it in Tesco on a sunday morning. Well, we asked for 600g don't want to be greedy, and the butchers assistant picks out the beef, but doesn't want to cut it, just in we wait for the butcher and I happiky ask for the bigger end, he cuts it, weighs it, and I glance at the price. My internal voice starter going bonkers in my head £29.47!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew fillet was expensive but that is ridiculous. So, with a very red face I double check the price with the butcher, yes, thats right. Ummmmm, I'm sorry, but can we have something else? They were lovely and he recommended a sirloin piece which came out a third of the price. Meanwhile a huge queue had built up to view my humiliation. I grabbed my meat and scurried away.

I wish we could have had the fillet, because then this would have been amazing, it was delicious. I like my beef pink in the middle, when I eat steak I like it to have a quick fling with the pan before it's on my plate. But this was gorgeous, pink and juicy. Sadly the veggies didn't get quite the same attention, burnt the cabbage and carrots in butter, but the potatoes came out ok. The sauce was made with creme fraiche and was meant to have cognac but we didn't have any. Really need to get some booze in the house, have plenty of whiskey!

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