Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pork Pies

I wasn't looking forward to making these, not because they are pork pies but because of the pastry. It is a hot water pastry and is the easiest I have ever made, you can't do anything to damage it, so perfect for me. The filling has bacon, pork, spring onions and garlic but sadly no jelly (my favourite bit!). My parents are on a bit of a diet at the moment and my mum has given up processed sugar for lent so they've not been able to have any of my bakes for a while, but finally I could give them something. I did do the usual and make only half the recipe which was plenty for us. Lorraine is very generous with her portions, even where it states a number you can guarantee you'll get a couple more. These were really easy and I think I will make them again, even just for a nice activity with Zoe, we might make some mini ones. They are moulded into muffin tins so it's really straight forward. They also tasted yummy, but might have overdone the garlic slightly!

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