Saturday, 26 March 2011

Why do I make my life so difficult!

Hiding underneath all this buttercream is a red velvet cake, now in the book Lorraine makes a three tiered celebration cake. Well I made a celebration cake and the top was Red Velvet once I'd persuaded the receiver that she would love it. I don't know why I put myself in these positions of stress. A good friend of mine invited me along to her daughters christening, but instead of presents she asked people to take along food, so I straight away offered to make the cake. I always plan well in advance, buy all the necessary ingredients and tools, boards, boxes, icing. But nothing can prepare for a) my son suffering from a stomach bug and b) the bottom layer of sponge not working. The red velvet layer worked really well, baked and iced no problems, unfortunately I didn't have a sponge recipe big enough in Lorraine book to follow so I used an old reliable which failed, twice, it just would cook in the middle so I changed to good old Mary Berry for the final attempt and thankfully it worked, but needed a lot of support as it was such a light cake. Drama over, but it meant I had a lot less time to ice it, and was really sad that I didn't get to go to the christening or taste the cake (great excuse to make another!) thanks to great family who helped with the children and my poor husband who I had rolling out icing and cutting out flowers. Thank you so much.

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