Monday, 28 March 2011


Not only do I need to thank Lorraine for this cracking little recipe, but also the lovely Anna Andrews. Officially they are meant to be made with a tomato filling, but Anna had mentioned that she'd made them with Nutella instead, what a fantastic idea! So I had some puff pastry in the fridge leftover from my tomato tart so I made mini palmiers. They were pretty good, made so many though, we couldn't eat them all. Next time I will have to put more Nutella in them because all you could taste was pastry and I covered them with icing sugar to try and sweeten them up. But definitely one of the easiest things to make in the whole book, especially if you cheat on the filling, jam ones could be good, or caramel....mmmmmmmmmmm

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  1. Review from The Taster:
    Had a pretty bad week last week. Woke up on Wednesday remembering it was Lansom cake delivey day. Bounded out of bed like a young pup, the thought of cake my only reason for breathing that dull and dank march morning...ok, ok I totally forgot Annabel had promised to send my some fancies, but imagine my joy on glimpsing the Heathcliff-like figure of Mark forging through the mist (ok there was no mist we were inside) clutching a an interesting looking opaque plastic bag that may not have been out of place at columbian customs. He apologised that it was not what I had been expecting ( oh yeah! Fondant fancies..mmmm...fancies) but was something different entirely on account of poor Annabel having a pretty bad week herself. I didn't care! Sweet stuff is sweet stuff. I am slightly ashamed to say I introduced a couple of my Nursery pupils to him by exclaiming 'This is Mr Lansom the cake man! He lives on Drury Lane hahaha!' at which point the kids fell about laughing (not. They didn't get it) and Mark backed away slowly.
    I opened the bag and was a little unsure of what greeted me. I decided to call them the Princess Leia's Hairstyle cakes thingummy's. Catchy. The sugar dusting on them reminded me of the treats you get at the German Market at Christmas and in turn reminded me of my sweetish Great-Gran, she would have loved them! They were as delicious as they looked and can I just say the nutella was inspired I would have been wholly unimpressed with tomato filling ( it's not a treat if it's healthy/vegeatbles is it, rally? Come on!) I disagree that there wasn't enough Nutella I think they would have been too sickly if there had been more and then I would not have been able to consume five in a row. The way I came unstuck with them is that they were sort of bite-size you see, fatal. Easy to pop into the mouth and gone too quick. I'm not usually a big puff pastry fan and thus know nothing about it but it tasted good to me. Well done Annabel I look forward to the cake-mule smuggling me another package in the near future! Mmmmmm.....package......