Saturday, 12 March 2011


Every week Zoë, Henry and I go to Crafty Tots, a great group which is run by Mums and the children have a short craft, have a run around, play and then we all get to eat cake. Everyone at this group (there are about 6 at the moment) are fantastic bakers and its always exciting to find out what people have made. My offering this week was flapjack. This is one of those great recipes where you bung it all in a pan, mix and bake. I think I might have overbaked it a little as the outside was pretty tough going but the inside was still gooey, and the recipe calls for a pinch of ginger, but I had one of those horrible moments where the lid fell of the ginger pot and turned into a tablespoon, oh well, I thought, I like ginger. This turned out seriously gingery, so of course Zoe loved it, I think she managed to get through two pieces, so she didn't need much dinner that night. The other children were so enthusiastic though as Nat had whipped up some seriously good chocolate chip cupcakes, which were definitely the cakes of the week. Yummy.

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