Monday, 14 March 2011

A Meal for Friends...

Pork with Dry Cider. There are a few things in the book, when you look at them you cannot justify cooking them for yourselves so when I had a couple of friends round for dinner it was the perfect reason to cook the dish, Pork in Calvados. I did it with dry cider because I couldn't justify spending £12 on a bottle of calvados for one meal. Now in the book she talks about cleaning bones and stringing up the joint, well I just rang the butcher (on the day!! massive panic!!) and he did it all for me. I have to say this is a really good joint, easy to cook and delicious. Although I think she does go a bit overboard on the apples. The recipe states that you should cook an apple sauce as well as serving it with caramelised apples, I just did the caramelised apples and it was plenty. Just looking at the picture above, we've really got to replace those yellow plates.

Of course the best part of dinner is pudding!!! I love pudding, I would have pudding for starters, mains and dessert if I could. This is a dark chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. Made with philadelphia cheese, dark chocolate, digestive biscuits and cream with an offering of fruit. I made this the day before and put them in the fridge and completely forgot that the chocolate would harden. So most of our time was spent trying to crack through the chocolate.

Gorgeous meal shared with great friends, what could be better?

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