Monday, 14 March 2011

Family Lunch

Baked Camembert with roasted garlic, served with breadsticks.
I am a huge fan of baked camembert already and slowly I am converting mark to this delicacy. This one is cooked alongside a whole bulb of garlic. There is a great restaurant called the White Horse in Churton and for a started they served artisan breads with roasted garlic, and it was delicious, the garlic ooozed out of the skins and was a beautiful puree. Mine however, was not like that, I over did it and we were lucky to get a couple of scrapings and the whole house stank of garlic for the rest of the afternoon. However, the breadsticks made up for this. They were so easy to make, stick everything in the kitchenaid with a dough hook, mix for 5 mins and shape into sausages and twists. Let them rise and then bake for 20 min. Everyone in the family had these, including Henry, so I will definitely be making more for him to knaw on in future. As usual Zoe was very suspicious of anything new, she is a huge cheese eater and we finally managed to persuade her to dip her breadstick but she'd already decided she didn't like it, so Mark and I polished it all off. It's just as well I'm doing all this running because my waistline is taking a serious beating at the moment, it's all worth it though.

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