Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Honeycomb toffee and what to do with it!

I was really excited about making honeycomb, I'd seen Nigella do it and thought it was the most amazing and easiest thing I'd ever seen (I know, simple things). Alongside I thought it would be great to make with Zoe, it would be magic. However, these things never work out how you'd hope. I boiled my sugar but must have taken it too far, then it was Zoe's job to put the bicarb into the mixture. Now once she is given a job that is it, there is no changing her course or direction and I had spotted that the bicarb needed sieving, but the spoonful was already in her hand and with a pan of boiling sugar in one hand and her in the other this was no time to start an argument so we added the bicarb and well, ,......nothing, not the exciting flourish I was hoping for and Zoe was not impressed. My second mistake was to pour it onto a baking tray instead of a square dish so we ended up with chewy, bitter honeycomb and big lumps of bicarb. So, as suggested by Lorraine on her programme I hid it in food, mainly in
Lime and Ginger Possett with a honeycomb topping. Another easy make, lime zest, ginger syrup and cream so me and Mark enjoyed another quick pudding with a scattering of honeycomb. She suggests eating the possett with shortbread, and I'm assuming this is to add texture, but the honeycomb worked well. So good news all round.

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