Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Grandma's Shortbread

There are certain ingredients in the cupboard that I will always assume I have plenty of, so this recipe had a slight variation. It was meant to have just plain flour and rice flour, but I ran out of plain, my endless supply finished!!! I had to use self-raising. The other variation was the rice flour, I forgot to buy any so I replaced it with semolina which I've used in shortbread before. They tasted fine, but did look a bit strange rising in the oven. We had a couple of friends around with their new baby, so it meant we could share it around. Lucky for me there were still a couple of pieces left over for my afternoon cuppa the next day. Next stop is to stock up on plain flour, and along with that unsalted butter, I think we've gone through about 12 blocks so far.

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