Thursday, 17 March 2011

Battenburg Cake

Now I love Battenburg. One of my strongest childhood memories is having battenburg after school. What made it even better was that my sister didn't like it so there was always plenty to eat. Now Battenburgs have to be eaten in the right way. Remove the marzipan, because thats the best bit, so you save it for later. Separate the cubes of cake and I always eat the yellow first followed by the pink and then enjoy the marzipan. Bliss! What I never realised before is that its apricot jam holding it all together, and it tasted pretty much the same.

The reason I made a Battenburg was for Mark, he had an orchestra committee meeting and I usually make a chocolate cake, but it had to be something from the book, and I'm looking forward to her chocolate cake so he had to choose something else. But the moment that made my day was the round of applause I got from Zoe when I showed it to her. 'Well done Mummy'. The picture doesn't really show you much in terms of scale, so compared to a Mr Kipling version, it's about 50% bigger, a mammoth battenburg!

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