Friday, 25 March 2011

Another romantic but stressful meal

Mussels in sherry with Chorizo Fougasse
My favourite makes from the book are where I can combine two recipes in one meal. The problem we had with this one was the mussels, I was going to buy them from a fishmonger but I was in tesco and they had some so I bought them, probably much cheaper. But that came at a price, half of them we couldn't even cook because the shells had cracked, or were open. Suprisingly we still had enough to eat. They were a quite meal, fry on challots and sherry and stick them in the oven for 8 minutes. Tasty, but have to say I prefer a good old white wine sauce. But the bread, now that was good. We love Chorizo in our house and is was brilliant in a bread. This loaf was lovely and light and really tasty. It was really easy to make, I don't know how Lorraine manages to make breadmaking so easy, in the past its all been about kneading, rising then knocking back and rising again, it would take hours!! Her breads are no where near as daunting.

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