Thursday, 10 March 2011

Macaroon Debacle

First of all I must start with a confession. The macaroons in the picture are from January and I will explain why. I was given a macaroon book for christmas after watching endless cookery programmes in which they are featured and I was desperate to give them ago. Throughout January I was plagued by them, they just didn't work, eggs were too cold, underbeaten, wrong sugar. But I wasn't to be beaten, then for my birthday I gave Lorraines a go as I'd just bought the book and woohoo they worked and boy are they tasty, just melt in the mouth!

So when I came to make them as part of this project I was going to use them as an entry into the Great Royal Bake off, and make cake sized ones. It's safe to say it didn't work and I am ashamed to say I didn't take a picture. I am sure there are some you who are fed up with everything working and me banging on about how tasty everything is and how easy. Well I got this one wrong. But at least I know where I went wrong, you have to create a sugar syrup and pour it into your beaten egg whites, I made the mistake of not keeping the eggs beating while I added the syrup, which cooled instantly and created sugar strings on the whisk, which felt like bits of plastic bag which had been stuck in a hedge for a while and I had to pick them all out.

Somehow they survived this and I piped them out and baked them anyway, but instead of taking them out when they looked good I waited until the timer went and they went brown (instead of the purple colour I'd dyed them). So all in all a disaster, but I promise in future to show them instead of ignoring them and putting them in the bin.

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