Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fish Pie and the case of the missing eggs!

Well this was an interesting one. Get the boring stuff out of the way first, pretty basic fish pie made with Salmon and Haddock poached in milk with thyme and peppercorns, then strained and make a white sauce, add prawns and cover with mash potato and breadcrumbs, delicious! The interesting bit is that halfway through the recipe I suddenly had to boil eggs and remove the shell, quarter and put aside, and then that's it, no other mention of the eggs. Are they a little snack to eat halfway through cooking? Luckily we live in a modern age and I Tweeted Lorraine herself with this little problem, and she replied!!!! I was so excited, she apologised saying that it was a publishing error in earlier books and had all been sorted out in recent editions. I don't know where people find the time to reply to stuff on Twitter, if you follow a stream people will be tweeted every few minutes and replying to questions from Joe Public, unless its all a complete ruse and she has banks of assistants typing away on her behalf. I like to keep to the version that she herself took the time and was distraught that anyone would find the mistake.

And the case of the missing eggs, stick them in the sauce she said, well by the time she'd replied the pie was in the oven, so I enjoyed my little eggy snack.

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