Friday, 13 May 2011

Not so skinny tart

I had great plans for making these a couple of weeks ago, bought my filo pastry and greek yogurt, and well, it just didn't happen. The greek yogurt became a vanilla posset and the pastry became baklava. But the end of the pastry needed using and I fancied trying out the creme patisiere. If I had known the custard would be so easy to make I would have been making custard slices every week for the last few weeks instead of this book. I love custard slices, they are a real treat to me and something I don't give in to very often. They will definitely be on my make list once I finished this book. I used the skinny tart as a base. I think I over did it on the number of filo layers as the pastry was quite hard work to get through. I used four in each as it recommends in the book but I would reduce that, and maybe use a bit less butter. And you can never go wrong with a couple of strawberries on the top.

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