Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pear Tart Tatin

This is one of those puds which I've seen being made on television so many times but never attempted before. Anything which involves caramel is always going to be popular with me so I was quite looking forward to this. It is really a lot easier than I thought, basically create a syrup with butter and brown sugar and then add fruit and darken the caramel as much as you dare. The fruit juices will stop the caramel from burning. Then stick some puff pastry on the top and bake.  Now anyone with the book will notice that the picture isn't quite the same. I didn't take as much trouble over peeling the pears and they were really ripe so kept getting squashed in my hand. The other thing you might notice is that you can see the centre of the pears and not the outside. I thought I had been really careful to turn them all over before putting the pastry on top, but as you can see I got it completely wrong, oh well, thankfully it all tastes the same!

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