Thursday, 5 May 2011


If you're going to make these, then give yourself plenty of time and a couple of days!! Also, be prepared for the huge amount of butter involved. For anyone who's seen Lorraines programme, you probably watched as she expertly folded the butter into puff pastry, which is the same technique used to make these. Well, lets just say, its amazing what you can with television. These were so messy to make, I rolled out the pastry, added the butter and then tried to fold it in, it went everywhere!! Very similar to the Harry Hill sketch from TV Burp. But once it had all settled in the fridge the dough did look good. Although I had to flatten them a bit before I could roll them up, they are quite small triangles and the dough puffs up so there is no way you could roll them. As you can see from the picture even after I'd flattened them a bit they'd still unravelled.  If you make them then I suggest making chocolate ones, just roll up a couple of blocks of plain chocolate with the pastry, yummy!!!

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