Monday, 23 May 2011

Creme Brulee

Well, this is the final stretch, the end is near so the blogs will start to come thick and fast now so I can catch up with the baking. Officially I've got 5 left to bake and I aim to make the last thing on wednesday, but that might be a bit ambitious, I've also got a birthday cake to make this weekend so I definitely need to finish before that one. But back to Creme Brulee, or Baked Custard, the custard itself was quite easy to make but I think I may have overwhipped the eggs because they rose and then collapsed after baking so when I cooked the sugar there was still a little pool of raw sugar in the centre. I bought myself a lovely blowtorch, thinking that every kitchen should have one, having never needed one. So I proudly opened the packaging and spent the next 5 minutes trying to get it started without lighting myself up, until Mark pointed out that it probably didn't have any gas in it, disappointment just doesn't cover how I felt, but I won't go into details. So we heated up the grill and above is the result, some quite severe caramelisation I agree but they did have a little snap in places. I love custard so I was quite happy with this pud, but I will try it again once I've got my gas!

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