Wednesday, 11 May 2011

'I can't believe you made that' cake

For ages I'd been wondering what occasion I would be able to take this cake along to, and at the weekend we went to a first birthday party, with a bring a dish! So perfect timing. As you can see I didn't use the cigarellos that Lorraine used on hers, couldn't quite justify the £27 it would have cost me to buy them, so I went for chocolate finger, which are usefully on buy one get one free at the moment. If you're going to make it using fingers you will need three boxes, of one colour or two of each if your doing two colours. (Top Tip!)

The other top tip is filling it with fruit, you will need two punnets at least, it takes quite a lot to make it look full. Anyway, the cake, it's a really fudgy chocolate cake, which it quite dense but delicious. The fruit is really nice with the cake, it cuts the fudgyness of it. I used half the amount of buttercream than the recipe states, mainly because I ran out of icing sugar and there was more than enough, I could have been a lot more generous with the filling. Best of all we now have loads of chocolate fingers to finish off!


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  2. This looks delicious, will definitely have to attempt to make in the new year, if I can find some fresh fruit at my local supermarket. Also good to see that the chocolate fingers worked so well, as I couldn't justify spending £27 either x