Monday, 9 May 2011

White chocolate Pannacotta

What do you do when you have bought single cream, when you needed double and not sure what to do? Well make pannacotta! I had 300ml of single cream in the fridge and some white chocolate in the draw and a few gelatine leaves so I could make this. I cut down the amounts in the recipe to suit and it turned out well because I had just enough for two people. I definitely couldn't have eaten anymore. I think all these puds are starting to have an effect, I don't crave them as much, in fact it's becoming really hard work to get through them. This pudding was one of them, by the time I'd eaten three quarters and I really struggled to eat it all, it was so sickly and rich and you definitely needed the fruit to cut through the cream.

I've got about 17 dishes to go and 90% are sweets. I've also given myself a deadline of 28th May, the day before we go on holiday. I'd like to go knowing its all finished and I can switch off. It's amazing how much cooking can take over every waking thought, planning what I'm going to make, where can I fit things in, who can I give things to. So in these three weeks I've should have finished, but there may still be more to come. I was given a newspaper article about Lorraine with a few other recipes which I think I will include, eventually!

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