Saturday, 14 May 2011

Financier Cakes

For a while I've looked at the recipe for these little cakes and not really understood what made them any different to cupcakes. But with a playgroup coffee morning coming up my cake options a quite reduced in the book now that these little treats had their first outing. As usual I didn't have quite the right ingredients for them, they are meant to be tangerine flavoured but all I had was a lime so thats the way they went. The other sneaky ingredient was ground almonds. Now these little things might not look like much but boy they are moreish. I used a mini muffin mould, so they are about 3cm in diameter across the top which makes them very dangerous. Because they are so small you don't feel so bad eating more than one at a time, but then realise you've eaten about four or five and they are delicious. I imagine they work with any type citrus fruit because the lime worked really well. I should also point out that these are meant to be rectangular in shape to be official financier cakes but just couldn't justify buying one. Overall a good make. I judge a lot of things on how much washing up they produce, I love things that use just one bowl or one pan. This was a big one with a couple of bowls and a pan but they were well worth it.

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