Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cheese Souffle

I have never attempted to make a souffle before, as we are constantly reminded on any tv foodie programme they are a nightmare to make and only good cooks should even bother. So it's quite interesting that Lorraines book has two souffle recipes, a sweet and savoury. Well I was in on my own for dinner and Mark had already said that a souffle, that might not even work, wouldn't be enough for him so I had to go it alone. It's very similar to making a white sauce, adding a flavour and egg yolks. Then separately whip the egg whites and fold them into your original mixture and bake. As you can see they aren't a complete nightmare to make. I was really relieved when they came out of the oven, just waiting for them to collapse or explode at some point. They didn't collapse, but I think it's because they were a little over cooked because they didn't have a wobbly centre (which is what you should have according to Greg Wallace). The flavour was very similar to a cheese omelette, no surprise there. We'll have to see how the sweet one turns out!

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