Saturday, 25 February 2012

White chocolate, ginger and lemon mousse

Another easy peasy chocolate pudding from Lorraine. Even before I started cooking this I cut the quantities down as there was only three adults eating this, this was by half. But we still managed to have enough for four generous portions. This has to be one of the richest desserts I have ever eaten. If you make this don't be stingy with the ginger. I should have cut the pieces much smaller as they did spoil it a little but it would have cut through the chocolate a little more with extra ginger.

It was one of the very few occasions that I didn't manage to finish my portion of this dessert, and in fact it lasted me a few evening trying to get through it. If you love white chocolate you will love this, if you don't or only just like it a little then don't go there. Make a really nice dark chocolate mousse with the ginger instead.

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