Sunday, 12 February 2012

Gooey Pecan pie

Well it seems to have been ages since I wrote about something sweet. I find it so much easier talking about the sweet things I make, shows where my true passions lie I suppose. I love pecan pie, when I was young we used to get this fantastic pecan dessert with cinnamon, it was like a huge danish pastry. For years I've been trying to find that dessert which I think came from a freezer section of a supermarket but I've never found it or anything to match it. So the next best thing is pecan pie, although sadly lacking the cinnamon. This is a good one, especially as it is gooey. I'm quite proud of the pastry too, I'm still a bit hesitant when I make it but it turns out well more often than not these days. The practice is starting to pay off.

For some reason, in my pie all the pecans floated to the top, where as in Lorraines picture they are all spread out. Don't know why, but didn't really matter because it still tasted really good. Yum

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  1. This looks very tempting, how long did it take to make? i haven't cooked much from this book, I prefer her first one.
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    I have blogged my cooking/baking from Ms Pascales book x