Saturday, 3 December 2011

Toffee Popcorn

I love love love popcorn, I'm quite happy to stick the machine on with a touch of salt, heaven. There were quite a few times at Uni when I would get back late having had a few drinks (ahh back in the day) and would make popcorn on the hob. Looking back it wasn't such a great idea, drunk student, gas hob. Well we all survived and I didn't burn the house down.

Well this one is slightly more complicated. You cook the popcorn as normal in a little oil, but in another pan you heat butter, light brown sugar and golden syrup. All bad things....... Once it's melted together mix into the popcorn a bit at a time. I made a couple of mistakes, first I put the popcorn into a cold bowl instead of leaving it in the pan and then stirred in the caramel, it went cold really quickly so everything got stuck to the bowl. The other was  not to listen to the advice in the book and let it cool down completely first. I was just to eager and burnt my mouth. But aside from the mistakes it was delicious. I also quartered the quantities, I am slowly learning that lorraine loves big portions and it was only me enjoying the popcorn so I was very good and made less than the 6 it serves!

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