Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Very naughty rocky road cake

What else do you do on a wet afternoon, make a cake. But this is not just any old cake, this is a heart attack inducing cake by the sheer amount of sugar and chocolate involved. It's a rocky road cake so it's a basic chocolate sponge (which I thin I'll try and make as a straight chocolate cake because it looked so good!) with rocky road addition, maltesers, marshmallows, white chocolate and digestive biscuits.

Zoe helped me make this cake so the digestive biscuits did get slightly pulverised so they weren't very obvious in the cake. The quantities for this cake are huge, the sandwich sections rise really well and came above the size of the tin so this cake was really tall, there was also more than enough chocolate buttercream. I could just dive into again. Thankfully now I'm back at work we didn't have to eat this all ourselves!

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