Saturday, 17 December 2011

Raspberry and brown sugar muffins.

Well it's been quite a while since I blogged about my baking but all will be revealed as to why very soon. Just to say I've been busy in the kitchen for lots of different reasons but I can't write about them just yet. Anyway, Raspberry muffins. I'm always wary about making muffins because they seem to have rules and I'm not good at following them. I was taught how to make them at teacher training college, very strange I know but it's the time that stands out. Once all the dry and wet ingredients are put together you should only stir the mixture so many times (the number eludes me but I know it's limited) I don't follow the rule. Mainly because I don't understand it and it's never completely mixed within that special number. If anyone has the answer please tell me. But that is beside the point, it's about the raspberry muffins. Any cake that involves fresh fruit is going to be moist and these are really good, a lovely caramel fruit flavour. The brown sugar on top gives them a slight crunch for a bit of texture, lovely.

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