Thursday, 6 October 2011

Special delivery!

Well a certain new cook book dropped through my door today and immediately I was devouring the pages within. When I finished Lorraines first book I said there was no way I would be repeating it with the second, but now it's arrived I feel bad not to do it! Looking through the book there are so many recipes that I would want to have a go at anyway that I might as well make them all. But, there definitely won't be the manic mission from last time and make sure I'm blogging everyday, or making so many over the weekend. I'm going to take my time with this book.

But of course I want to make so many dishes for my tea and for sunday night pudding, it will be difficult to decide where to start. The other problem is once you hit a magic recipe, the one that you always go back to time and again, it can be difficult to move on and try the others. I found that with the first book, the chocolate cookies were a magic recipe and the brownie is one that I'm always trying to get just right. But there looks to me like there might be a few new ones to add to that magic list and I really can't wait to try them!

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