Saturday, 15 October 2011

Pad Thai

In our house we love love love Pad Thai, I don't know what it is but there is something very addictive about it. We have a recipe that we're happy with, it tastes good and it's pretty simple to make. So to be honest I was a little suspicious about this one, many of the ingredients were different, some were missing and some thankfully are the same. For example this one uses egg noodles, in ours we use rice noodles, also this one has an omelette, ours doesn't.

I was vary weary of that first mouthful, but I cannot believe that I even doubted Lorraine for one second. This explodes with flavour, it was stunning and I was gobsmacked, it was really really yummy. This was as usual pretty easy to make. The problem we have it that we bought a massive bag of monkey nuts when we first made pad thai and we are still making our way through it and that was the only hassle, shelling them. Word of advice, get everything ready before you turn the heat on. If I could stand all the washing up I would do it all the time and pretend I was on Something for the weekend with pretty little dishes. All very cheffy! Pad Thai fans, it may be different but it's really good. Wwww can't wait to make this again.......

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