Friday, 28 October 2011

Herb crusted Salmon with Hasselback potatoes and Roasted Brocolli

Well this is a biggy, three recipes in one dish. Thankfully all three were pretty simple to make. Salmon is just covered in herby crust made with parsley and breadcrumbs and baked. The brocolli covered in oil and chilli and baked. But be warned, these are really hot, thankfully I had done half without any chilli on them for the children but I'm sure they were still quite warm even for their well trained curry palates. Finally the potatoes, which have been renamed hedgehog potatoes in our house. These were the trickiest thing to do, you have to cut slices into them without cutting through, I know it sounds really simple, you do it and see how you get on. The one in the photo is the only one that managed to stay whole! They were baked too, so little washing up which is always a bonus.

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