Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Quick Teriyaki Chicken

The first thing to mention with this is, it's quick to cook as long as you've got everything ready first. I had this down as a quick wednesday night dinner because it's the worst night of the week in our house. Both me and Mark worked late, I have staff meetings he teaches after school. It's usually a case of whoever gets home first, get cooking because Mark has to be out again to go to orchestra and the children are usually starving. Well this one took about 20 minutes to cook, which I know isn't that long, but a quick cook for us us is get the rice on and by the time it's cooked everything else is ready.

 Ok time complaint over. It was really easy and it did taste good, there was a lot of sauce to go round  but it didn't really thicken the way I expected it to so stayed like a broth. It tasted good though and the chicken wasn't overcooked.

New recipes always take longer than you think so I will add this one to our quick things to cook mental list. One thing I notice about a lot of Lorraines recipes is that there isn't too much washing up and I like that. This pushed the boat out with three pans, but it's worth it.

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