Sunday, 1 January 2012

Stove-top haddock with fennel seeds and basil.

We definitely don't eat enough fish in our house. I love fish but I'm really fussy about when and where to buy it. I have always been told never buy fish on a Sunday because they don't land fish so it would always be a day old. The problem we have is that we do our shopping on a Sunday. I also like to buy fish from the fishmonger but then there is the hassle of getting there and on a day when you need to go into town. To cut a long story short I made a special effort and we had this dish midweek. This has to be one of the easiest dishes, also because it uses a lot of ingredients that we have in anyway. The biggest difference was canned cherry tomatoes, which are really nice and now we buy them a bit more often. Basically cook everything in the pan and you can do it all in the time it takes to cook rice. The flavours were really good, I love fennel and anything aniseed, children weren't quite so impressed though. But for a quick mid week supper a definite repeat but might just slightly alter the flavour so the fussy one will eat.


  1. I haven't tried this recipe yet, but LP's paprika baked cod & chorizo (from Home cooking made easy) is delicious. The flavours aren't as strong as fennel, so it is easier on the palette x

  2. Yes, made the chorizo baked cod back in November, anything with chorizo is a definite hit in our house, especially with the children. Thanks for reading.

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