Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cracked black pepper pasta with creamy sauce

I amazed even myself with this dish. I made the pasta myself! I have been putting off this little number for a while now. We've had a pasta machine in the house for well over a year and have used it once, which was a complete disaster. It was too sticky, it wouldn't go though the rollers and we over cooked it, yuk. But this time I seem to have got to grips with it. I followed Lorraines pasta recipe but halving the quantities and then happily put it through the machine. I kept waiting for the moment when it would all go wrong. I did have a slightly sticky moment when I rolled out the pasta and cut it in half because it was getting too long and dealt with one half the other got stuck to the worktop. Add flour, my biggest tip. The other is have the hangers ready, I didn't and ended up with bits of tagliatelle everywhere.

The sauce is very simple, fry bacon/pancetta add mushrooms and stir in cream. Although it turned out we didn't have any cream in the house (I'd used it to make a chocolate sauce the night before, whoops!) so I ended up using the end of a creme fraise tub which was fine, but wasn't quite enough. I made the excuse it was the low fat version which is completely true! The best thing was that the children eat it all, so I don't think I'll make the pasta again, although it was delicious I will definitely be serving up the dish again, the low fat version.

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