Monday, 2 January 2012

Steamed Mars Bar Pudding

This definitely caused me a few problems this pudding. I had to buy a pudding bowl, thankfully a local supermarket had some in at half price. Of course what I hadn't realised was that the basin was too small and as you can see from the pictures the pudding exploded! Thankfully I'd left quite a lot of room above the pudding when I wrapped it in the foil. Then when I turned it out you can see the result, think it was undercooked but boy did it taste nice. Lovely gooy centre and chocolate sauce. I did have problems with the sauce, you melt mars bars in a pan, admittedly I did use less than the recipe states but I couldn't bring myself to melt 5 for just the two of us!!! But while I was melting I think it seized because I ended up with this gloopy mixture and not smooth and runny as the recipe would suggest. Apart from that it's pretty easy to make and if you can stand the smell of cooking mars bars while it boils then it's well worth the effort. But check the size of your pudding bowl first!

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